Can Your Coffee Machine Make You Rich?

Yes, and This Guide Will Show You Exactly How

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

You’re so close to taking control of your money and living every day like a queen. I can get you over the edge and show you the world you’re craving.

  • How to make your money work for you
  • How to invest to get the maximum returns in the future
  • How to eliminate investment myths that might be stopping you from living your best life
  • Where to find the money to invest even if you’re not earning too much right now
  • How to make small lifestyle changes for future financial freedom
  • Find out how much money you actually need to start investing    
  • Find out the magic ingredient for earning the highest profits on your investments  
  • How to change your mindset about money 
  • How buying a coffee machine now can make you rich in the future

Don’t you want all that?


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“Adulting 101 with Christie is the adult orientation program you have been missing. It's a community full of support and quick, bite-sized information and actionable to-do lists to get your life on track. Christi is very helpful and hands-on in guiding her cyber children through being an adult. She constantly reminds us there are no dumb questions.”

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