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Be A Money CEO

Here’s what you can do as a Money CEO: 

⭐ Budget and save without it restricting your lifestyle 

⭐ Decide where your money should be going

⭐ Invest in places that offer the maximum returns in the future

⭐ Switch your mindset about money

⭐ Live in abundance without being a millionaire (yet!)

⭐ Eliminate money myths that might be stopping you from living your best life

⭐ Have fun while intelligently dealing with your finances

⭐ Understand all the critical information you need to know for your retirement account and 401K

What People Are Saying:

“Adulting 101 has been a fun and easy way to help me navigate the crazy world of adulting! It is connected me to a community of so many amazing people from different walks of life really just want to see each other succeed! The information is broken down into a format that is easy to understand for any learning type. Each unit really focuses on the core aspects of being an adult and all the odds and ends no one really talks to you about growing up. Since starting Adulting 101 I feel more confident in my abilities and even more independent than before! Thank you so much Christi for all the hard work, effort, time, and dedication that you have put into Adulting 101! Your love and care for all of your cyber children really show and I cannot thank you enough for that! This is really something great and I'm so glad to be part of it!”

Ashlyn Vitte

“Adulting 101 with Christie is the adult orientation program you have been missing. It's a community full of support and quick, bite-sized information and actionable to-do lists to get your life on track. Christi is very helpful and hands-on in guiding her cyber children through being an adult. She constantly reminds us there are no dumb questions.”

Elizabeth Bartlett