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Before you hit that download button, let me quickly tell you about a better offer. 

I’ve created a bundle for you that has resources to help you practice what you’ll learn from this guide. 

You can use these to efficiently plan your day and find time to do more things. 

These resources are a part of what I teach in my Crushing Your Goals course. And you can get them right now for a discounted price.  

So by buying the entire bundle, "you’ll get three ready-to-use planners that can help you practically apply the time-management tips I’ll teach in my guide."

I am a CEO and an entrepreneur. So needless to say, my days are super busy and things can easily fall through the cracks. 

But these planners I’ve created have been my lifeline. And now, you can have them too. 

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have a ready-to-go system for maintaining my schedule where I can instantly add things as they come up. It makes managing my hectic life a lot easier!

I’ve created quite a few different planners but these particular templates are my absolute favorite. 

And I use them ALL. THE. TIME. because they make planning a breeze for me. 

Having all the tasks of the day neatly laid out in front of me also helps me reduce my anxiety about dealing with the workload that comes with the job. 

Since you’re on your way to managing your time like a CEO, you should, too, use the resources that CEOs (like myself) use to get so much done. 

You’ve heard the saying time is money, right? So invest $7 today and get your investment back in the form of more time!

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Crushing Your Goals

What Does It Mean to Crush Your Goals?

Glad you asked.

Crushing your goals is where you stop worrying about the uncertainties in life and start just tackling the challenges you face head-on.

Here’s what you’ll experience on the other side:

⭐Learn how to regain your desire to pursue your goals

⭐Discover how happiness is a state of mind, not an end in itself

⭐Brainstorm, narrow down, and specify your most important goals

⭐Apply tried and tested methods to achieve your biggest ambitions

⭐Create a vivid vision for what your ideal life would look like

⭐Eliminate the distress caused by any negative emotions

⭐Use the Universal Laws to manifest the things you want in your life

You’re only one step away from learning how to do all of these things…

What People Are Saying:

“Adulting 101 with Christie is the adult orientation program you have been missing. It's a community full of support and quick, bite-sized information and actionable to-do lists to get your life on track. Christi is very helpful and hands-on in guiding her cyber children through being an adult. She constantly reminds us there are no dumb questions.”

Elizabeth Bartlett

“I found that Adulting 101 has not only prepared me for adult life, but also for the way I view life! Some days I could go on with a negative attitude over something that happened in the morning, but from everything I've learned through Adulting 101 and the community that surrounds it, life is so much more fun when you're looking at it with a positive smile on your face!!”

Aleigh Grace